Prepare for the perfect storm -- BAD CX.

People talk a lot about positive CX ‘Customer Experience’ and the business impact. This is a good thing, but what’s equally important, if not more important, is to ensure ZERO BAD CX.

It’s the perfect storm where the harm is immense and can potentially destroy your brand & business overnight.

United Airlines lost over $1million in 7 days from a single incident of bad CX on board an aircraft – bad or I would say a very ill-treatment of staff towards a passenger.

The key learning here is CX comes in all shapes & forms, from every channel, every touchpoint, every moment, and by everyone representing the brand along the entire customer journey.

So the common goals of providing Great CX to our customers should be embedded in everyone’s mindset just like the air they breathe.

With the speed of social these days, the effects of one Bad CX ripples across with great speed and gets really fast out of control.


a) Don’t let it happen in the first place.
b) If it happens, act fast! Customers listen in and wait on the responses from the brands. It’s all about accountability with integrity.

Trust me, if you are not ready to provide an extraordinary point of difference CX to your customers, it’s OK. But make d*mn sure that you are ready to handle bad CX; otherwise, you are in trouble!