Marketing Serendipity ;

Who doesn’t enjoy a little surprise now and then?

Receiving flowers for no reason is a real treat…

A birthday surprise when you least expect it is a real delight…

Our customers LOVEEEEE surprises too…

The happy ones are always welcomed and will elevate their experiences to the next level. Add them to your customer journey and see how small delights can uplift the entire journey. 

Think “4F” s…

Freebies – Free Upgrades, Free drinks on the house, Free Wifi.

Faster – Faster check-in time, Faster delivery time… Go beyond what was promised.

First – First VIP row, First in the queue.

Feel Good – Compliments are free, but they always enlarge one’s heart.

In today’s marketing world, use TECH to your advantage to aid discovery and add to the surprise factor.

Chatbots with always-on real-time responses. 

AR shopping adds to a truly private experience.

3D Virtual Fitting rooms…the list goes on. 

It’s Serendipity that builds authenticity. The results? Trust, Love, and Glory of our brands that even money can’t buy.