Dear Marketers, making a difference starts with you.

As marketers, we are often accused of doing more harm than good to the world.

The more we sell, the more packaging waste is produced.
The more we advertise, the more people want to spend money.
The more we innovate, the more resources we end up using.

But, what if we can turn our marketing efforts into the power of good?  What if we can make a real difference while still achieving our targets?

Here are 4 simple things you, Dear Marketers, can start doing today.

1. Tread gently on the planet.

Think of ways you can reduce your environmental footprint. How can you reduce waste? Source locally? Minimize or go packaging free? Think of the planet as your own backyard and treat it with real respect.

2. Don’t just sell but inspire.

Long gone are the days of selling. Use every chance you have to add value to your customers’ lives. Inspiration is the key. It’s the power to build brand love while creating a positive impact on society at large. This is your chance to be the voice of positive change.

3. Think one for one.

Not everyone can afford your products or services today, but don’t let it stop you from trying to spread the joy. People are kinder than you think, and if there’s a way to help, with not too much effort, why not? One for one business model could be an option where each item sold means something is shared. Don’t leave anyone behind.

4. Let the goal be about the betterment of lives.

Instead of thinking about how we can sell more, think instead of how to make people’s lives better.

Only then will you find the sweet spot of the marketing holy grail that bridges business and betterment into one beautiful solution.

The ball’s in your court… Make your move.