Competition makes us Faster; Collaboration makes us Stronger.

Collaborations come in many forms and scales, from the obvious to the least expected.

A brand collaboration refers to the alliance of two or more brands, or brands and influencers, coming together to curate a specific product or service to grab new or more audience, and often comes with a lot of excitement!

So many interesting collaborations to note. 

In music; 

– Pop Singers X Rappers are common today and always create great hits. 

– Starbucks X Spotify musical-ecosystem enhances every cup with the best sound.

In fashion;

– Addidas X Prada; Nike x Dior and many other special editions are hitting the market today. It’s an exciting way to expand fans in both tiers of the brands.

– Smeg X Dolce Carbana collaborated on a very chic kitchen appliance collection.

– Ikea x Off-White – cool carpets! 

And the list goes on…

Think of it as a great friendship; all successful collaborations should make us both stronger, not worse off. 

Go out there, find your perfect match, and create the magic of collaboration together! Play the win-win game.